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Tagged by the super fabulous : :iconlanrinheart:

Here are the rules: 
1.) Choose one of your OCs, and he/she must answer them truthfully .
2.) Don't think and answer it like you would, but how your OC would... keep that in mind! 
3.) The journal title should be "OC Interview Questionnaire" exactly.
4.) When you're done, make sure to tag at least 5 different people.
5.) Your OC doesn't have to be an "Invader Zim OC", it can be any character that belongs to you and only you!
6.) The most important rule? Of course, have fun with it and enjoy yourself!

We shall be interviewing Spade~

Spade by Labyrinth77

*1.) What's your name, who are you, and how old are you?

         Name's Spade, doll, I'm glad you asked. As for all that other low down about me, that doesn't matter. All that matters is that I clean up my city, alright?

*2. ) Interesting! What species are you?

Human, the last time I checked.         

*3.) Continuing on... what are your likes and dislikes?

            I like cigarettes, work, bein' a grifter, justice, y'know, the normal stuff that people like.
Dislikes? I dislike a lot of things, criminals being one.

*4.) Awesome! Here's a VERY interesting question... do you have anyone special in your life currently? A crush? A lover?

           I used to have a fine dame in my arms, she was quite a looker, inside and out. But we were "incompatible" so we stopped seeing each other. We still talk though, shes keen at giving people lead poisoning.

*5.) Awww!!! ^.^ Do you love him/ her?


*6.) Here's an easy and classic question! What's your favorite color?! 

            Blue, or was it red? Sorry doll, I can't remember.

*7.) What are your hobbies?! What do you like to do for fun, huh?!

      The things I like to do for fun involves death one way or another so I'm not goin' into that. 

*8.) Wow!!! ^.^ Do you have any special skills?! What are your special skills?!

I can blow smoke rings, is that special enough?

*9/10.) Maybe that's something I shouldn't of asked, here's your final two individual questions for today... do you have any pets and what is your dream for the future?

        No pets, they wouldn't last long anyway.
My dream for the future is to make this city so clean and pristine that you can eat off it, figuratively of course.
Thank you for the interview doll~

I tag:
:iconchococandies: :icondemonic-adversary: :iconkittysophie: :iconenzouke: :iconyukonix:

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United States

Hello, I'm Labyrinth77
I like to draw and play around with makeup!
I love blood and anything morbid~ Aww yesss, sweet, sweet gore~

The best artist on this website: :iconsaccstry:
My favorite makeup artist: :iconplacebofx:

I'd love to get to know you so, talk to me!

:bulletred::skull: :skull::bulletred:

Previous account :iconbloodthirstycats77:

Super amazing people that you should check out~!

:iconterraterrific::iconxxnobu-kunxx::iconmiss-rinrin::icondemonic-adversary::iconxxanemia::iconyasenek0::iconsaccstry::iconmisssasori::iconsylthuria::iconcrypticgrin::iconhoneychon::iconmarmalade-kitten::iconkittysophie::iconbluestars-blackice: :iconmouseorgans::iconuvi-nine::iconglittlerfritter::iconlithiumem::iconantarescr302::iconenzouke::iconxia22::iconhoneyandthedevon::iconhvrchota::iconmiserylovescompany24::iconfakku-zonbi::iconappleskytree::iconscreenkisser::iconrrezzo::iconprinceclotpole:

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